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The path to the understanding of the Punjab and its culture winds through the remote passes of the Khyber and the wilderness of Hindukush and continues along the existing ancient road, bisecting the whole of the sub-continent and linking this country with Iran and the rest of the world. Along this road one still sees the remains of fortresses, caravan-serais and inns lying at distances of one day's riding on horseback. Following this road, one notices a progressive transition in the architectural morphology. To the eyes of the modern architect this morphologic transition starts from the warlike austerity of the Khyber fortresses, changes to a more peaceful rural character in the plains, and finally evolves into the composite and intellectual architecture of Lahore. This is the road to true understanding. At the cross-roads of Central and Western Asia, the Punjab is one of the oldest cradles of culture. Having absorbed belligerent invasions and cultural infiltrations, it finally established itself into a highly refined and culturally radiant centre for the whole country.
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