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Aspra Spitia. A New "Greek" City

Aspra Spitia is a small settlement planned by Doxiadis Associates for the company "Aluminion de Grece" to house industrial workers and personnel employed at its nearby aluminum plant.

Aspra Spitia (modern Greek for "White Houses"), situated on the coast of the Corinthian Gulf about one hour's drive from Delphi, was designed for a projected population of 5,000. The program proposed the construction of a total of 1,100 dwellings, including one and two-storey houses, bachelor apartments, stores and shops, a customs house, a school and recreational and other facilities.

Doxiadis Associates carried out not only the pure planning work (general plan and layout plans for residential communities and central areas), but also the study of the house types and buildings, the design of the infrastructure (water and electricity supply, sewer and storm water networks), the compilation of the tender-documents and the supervision of the implementation.

The project was assigned in 1961. The last house of the initial program was completed in 1965.

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