The Man and his Work

The Death of Our Cities

During the last four decades, many changes have taken place which have created a deterioration of conditions in human cities. Three big events are responsible for these changes. These are: an unprecedented increase of population, the socialization encompassing all political systems and social classes and the emergence of the machine in our lives. Architects, planners and administrators are unable to deal with this triple growing of urban units, unless they proceed to remodeling and demolition. The aim is to orientate ourselves to a new conception of the city and of the policies prevailing the growth of the city. Modern cities should accommodate the machine to the benefit of man.

Speech delivered by C. A. Doxiadis during the 5th Working Conference on Urban Renewal, NAHRO, at Chapel Hill, North Carolina, U.S.A., March 21, 1960. Document R-GA; 190, Doxiadis Associates, 1960, 40 p.: 23 fig.