The Man and his Work

Our Capital and its Future

This study is dedicated to all who love Athens and wish to see it enter into a new age of prosperity as the Capital of this country, a centre of culture and a city catering to the needs of its inhabitants and its visitors.

It is based on a lecture delivered in the Lecture Hall of the Parnassus Literary Society on February 1st 1960 upon the invitation of the Society and on a subsequent lecture to clarify and supplement the first, given at the Athens Technological Institute, on 9th May 1960. The latter was intended for those wishing to go into the subject in greater detail. The main points of those lectures were published in the Greek and the international press as well as in issue No. 226 of Picture magazine, published on 19 February 1960 accompanied by drawings, analyses and proposals.

Since then the Government has declared its intention to conduct a broader study of the development plan for Athens. I, therefore, feel it my duty to publish this study, which has so far been presented only to specialist government officials and to few people who have taken an interest in the matter, in the hope that it might be of service to all who love Athens and will deal with its problems.

More particularly, this study is addressed to such persons who today have both the power and authority to provide responsible solutions to the problems of the city.

Athens, September, 1960.
C. A. Doxiadis

From Document R-GA; 202, 1961, 48 p. fig. 56
(a translation from the original Greek)