2006 - International Workshop

Space and Progress
Ekistics and the global context of post - World War II
urbanization and architecture
International Workshop on the work and ideas of the architect and urban planner
Constantinos A. Doxiadis
Athens, December 1 - 2, 2006
The workshop took place in the new premises of the Benaki Museum.
Workshop language: English (with simultaneous translation into Greek)
The Constantinos and Emma Doxiadis Foundation organized a two-day international workshop on Constantinos Doxiadis and the world in which he worked as an architect, urban planner and thinker. The workshop addressed the post-WWII era of reconstruction, modernization and emergence of new nation states. The contributors focused on various facets of the impact of the politics and ideologies of modernization on urban planning and architecture. Main themes: The origins and foundations of Doxiadis's Ekistics; Urban planning in the era of post-WWII reconstruction and decolonization; Urban planning and architectural design 1945-1975; Modern urban planning and Greek antiquity; Community renewal and spatial planning in comparative perspective; Urban housing and planning in developing countries; Urban planning between war and peace; Ekistics and the politics of urban planning in the US; Intellectual networks, urban planning and architecture.
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