The Man and his Work

We are moving from the megalopolis to the universal city, where all the great cities of the world will be interconnected in one system, the ecumenopolis.


Few people in this century have done as much as you already have for their contemporaries. Your teaching on ekistics has been the most popular school of thought among many that have been working on the phenomena of urbanization and on modern human settlements. You have sparked the interest, the imagination and the goodwill of many men and women, young and old, around the globe. You have created a major center of study, research and intellectual transactions in Athens, implementing the interdisciplinary and international principles of ekistics. You have brought up the reputation and enjoyment of Greek landscapes and of Greek hospitality to new highs, to seldom achieved levels. And in recent years you have increased the admiration your friends and associates have always had for you by the stamina and strength of character you have displayed in all simplicity.