The Man and his Work

We are moving from the megalopolis to the universal city, where all the great cities of the world will be interconnected in one system, the ecumenopolis.


Constantinos Doxiadis is the first intellectual pioneer who has succeeded in reuniting human studies into an intelligible whole. Ekistics brings together the study of the manifold facets of human life and action in the natural setting of Man's environment in the Universe. This provides a practical meeting-ground for planners of human settlements, architects, engineers, sociologists, anthropologists, economists, psychologists, historians, biologists, geologists. Anyone who pursues any of these studies is, ipso facto, studying ekistics, and, on this common basis, we can think and act cooperatively. We owe this new possibility to Dinos's insight and enterprise. His work has been timely; its effects will endure, because they will continue to bear fruit.