The Man and his Work


Constantinos Doxiadis is so far ahead of all those engaged in the study of human settlements that it is hard for anyone to have a thought, a perception, an intuition which he has not had already, probably a decade or so ago. It is this unique quality of prevision that makes him so remarkable a teacher of men. Long before the urban explosion began to enter popular speech, long before the facts of rural stagnation and metropolitan overgrowth appeared in the experts' dialogue, Dinos had begun to attack the problems in his detailed research and masterly analysis. He had ventured boldly into the field of practical experiment. Thus he is not simply a man who has combined theory and practice to a remarkable degree. He has helped to define and establish the very field which both theory and practice could illuminate. Is it surprising that with such a record he must be considered one of the great and creative "master builders" of our time?