Constantinos A. Doxiadis Archives

Writings by and about C. A. Doxiadis

C. A. Doxiadis enjoyed international acclaim as an urban planner, not only for his extensive practice but also for his planning theories. He strenuously defended his ideas in print as well as at lectures. Doxiadis wrote several books, was a frequent contributor to periodicals and journals, and published the journal of Ekistics, where he explained and developed his theories. His practice, combined with his precepts, make him the world's best-known planner whose work attracted the attention of the press worldwide. C. A. Doxiadis and his staff systematically gathered and classified the outcome of all his activities, which are currently included in the series "Writings and Lectures" and "Writings about C. A. Doxiadis" of the archive. These series are extensive and will provide the researcher with substantial background material on C. A. Doxiadis, his theories, and his work as planner. To facilitate research, all the material included in this series is described analytically on an "item" level.

The following itemized catalogues are available in this site:

In all catalogues, the titles of the Greek publications are transliterated into Latin characters, following the guidelines of the International Standard ISO 843, while English translations of titles are also available. An original title may be found in the "Notes" section.

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