Constantinos A. Doxiadis Archives

Constantinos A. Doxiadis Archives

The "Constantinos A. Doxiadis Archives" are hosted at the Benaki Museum - Pireos St. Annexe, Athens, Greece. They contain nearly all of Doxiadis' original writings, projects, drawings and photographs, as well as the full body of his correspondence, professional memoranda and notes. A significant part of the catalogue is available for on-line search.

The Archives are open and accessible to researchers on an appointment basis. Click here for the Rules for the Use of Constantinos A. Doxiadis Archives.

The collection includes textual records (approximately 450 meters of shelf-space), drawings and maps (approximately 3,500 items), photographic material (printed photographs and negatives), slides (approximately 5,500 items), audio tapes (286 items), and motion picture material (100 items). Most of this material is in English and/or Greek, but there are also documents in German and French.

The Archives span the years 1890-1980, with the bulk of the materials produced during the period 1936-1975.

A multilevel description of the collection on a customized computer database system permits sophisticated on-line search operations access. The retrieval system permits access to the index by using either key words or, on occasion, full text retrieval.

The collection consists of three types of material:
I. C. A. Doxiadis' Personal Archives
II. The largest part of the Archives of Doxiadis Associates and the Doxiadis Organization, from their foundation until C. A. Doxiadis' death, in June 1975
III. The Athens Center of Ekistics' Archives


I. C. A. Doxiadis' Personal Archives

The term C. A. Doxiadis Personal Archives refers to items which C. A. Doxiadis placed in this category, originally so designated by him. Briefly, the Personal Archive consists of:


II. The Archives of Doxiadis Associates and the Doxiadis Organization

The body of this section is the so-called DOX series: more than 1,500 bound volumes of documents covering the majority of Doxiadis Associates' projects in Greece and abroad (correspondence, weekly and monthly progress reports, etc.)
Of particular interest are the Diaries and Survey Districts: 58 bound volumes describing C.A. Doxiadis' journeys in countries and cities where he and/or his associates worked. This series contains a multitude of photographs with descriptions and comments.

III. The Athens Center of Ekistics Archives

This section contains documents covering the activities of the Athens Technological Organization (Athens Technological Institute and Athens Center of Ekistics). The following sub-sections are included: